Hello World!

Born in Chicago (the best city in the world), my parents eventually grew tired of shoveling snow and moved us down to sunny Florida when I was the ripe old age of 5. I guess you could say I got the crafting gene from my mom.  She was one of those moms who made every Halloween costume and would never think of buying a store-bought card. After high school I wanted to get out of Largo, FL (or as my friends and I referred to it as Lar-ghetto), and attended the University of Central Florida. There  I majored in Marketing and minored in International Business.  And like almost every college graduate I didn’t want to get a real job so I spent 2 years earning my MBA. Fancy, I know!

In college I met my wonderful husband, Joe, and we currently have 2 fantastic children, Emily and Ryan. By day I work at the Director of Opertions for an IT & web development company called Eleet Technologies.  By night I am dedicated to all things crafty. In November 2012 I decided to stop being so scared of life and decided to follow my dream and start my own business and sell my handmade crafts online. Like being a mom isn’t enough work already!  I have a crazy life but I love it and would not trade it for anything.



P.S. I am a firm believer in always doing the right thing.


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