I had these four ugly brown picture frames sitting around that I was dying to do something with. My daughter’s room was desperately in need of stuff on the walls so I thought this would be a good project for her room. The only problem was these pictures frames are brown and her furniture is mostly white. Solution: paint the frames white!

photo 1 copy 39

I set up shop in my garage. I put down a plastic sheet to protect the ground from any paint. I later put down an old sheet over the plastic. I don’t know if it was the humidity but everything was sticking to the plastic and the sheet ended up working out better.

First up, sanding! Using a medium grit sanding block I sanded all the pictures frames.

photo 2 copy 37

Then I took a cloth and wiped all the sanding dust off of each frame.

photo 3 copy 23

Next was the primer coat. I used a Rust-oluem Painter’s Touch primer in white. I started on the front and let them dry over night. Next I flipped them over and did the backs. After those dried I¬†started on the white spray paint. I used Krylon Color Master spray paint in a white semi-gloss.

photo 4 copy 12

photo 1 copy 40

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted.

The hard part was decided what to put in the frames. Photographs? Artwork? My daughter will be seven in few weeks so it had to be a little grown up and I want it to be something she could change out easily when she got older. How about paper? Using scrapbook paper was a brilliant and inexpensive option.

I went to my local craft store and picked out paper I thought would compliment by daughter’s bedspread.

photo 3 copy 24

Here are the papers I ended up choosing.

photo 4 copy 13

photo 2 copy 38

Last, I cut the paper to fit the frames.

photo 5 copy 6

I think they turned out fantastic and my daughter loves her new room art.

photo 2 copy 36

photo 1 copy 38

Happy decorating!

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