My daughter will be turning 7 in 25 days! Wow! There is no way she can be 7 already, but the calendar does not lie. Starting around my birthday which was at the end of April, my daughter asked me everyday, “How many days until my birthday?” Everyday I would quickly do the math in my head and tell her.  Well I got tired of that and told her to make a countdown.

What can you do with strips of scrap paper and a stapler? Make a countdown chain of course!

photo 1 copy 34


photo 2 copy 32

Next my daughter added the numbers to each chain link.

photo 3 copy 19

Currently we have it draped across her headboard and every morning she takes a paper link off.

photo 4 copy 8

She has already asked about making one for Christmas but I put my foot down on that one. If you are wondering, there are 209 days left until Christmas and you can check out the Christmas clock HERE.

Happy Counting!

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