School-wise this year has been an absolute blast!  This year flew by and that means we must have been having fun. Teacher gifts are one of my favorite gifts to give each year.  It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just something that says thanks for putting up with my kids all year. Haha! My kids are angels. Promise!

This year I gave the teachers lightbulbs.  I ran across these at Michaels months ago and snagged four because I knew they would be gone before the end of the school year.

photo 1 copy 33

This gift is pretty simple. For packaging I got cute take out boxes from my local craft store to put the bulbs in.

photo 3 copy 18

Inside the boxes I added some packaging material to keep the bulbs from breaking.

photo 2 copy 31

The last thing was the saying. It says, “Thanks to you my future is BRIGHT!”  This was printed on white card stock and cut to fit the side of the box.

photo 4 copy 7

Happy End of the Year!


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