Lately I am all about easy entertaining.  I love having people over and I am totally the person who wants to hand make the invitations and create unique labels for all the food. Crafting is my passion. It’s my time to tune out the rest of the world and my time to just enjoy creating. Maybe one day I could get back to that, but today is not that day, my friend. Today I am about quick and easy. A sort of wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am mentality if you will.

Easter is always a fun time of the year for us and this year was no exception.  The tradition continues with having our good friends, the Wilson Family, over for egg decorating, snacks and playtime fun.

Easy Easter Party Menu:

  • Carrots and hummus – both easy to pick up at the grocery store
  • Easter Bunny Bait – You can find the recipe HERE It is really simple to make.

photo 2 copy 28

All served on some cute plates I got in the dollar section at Target.

photo 1 copy 31

Easy Easter Party Drinks:

  • Crystal light lemonade served with a yellow marshmallow peep on the rim

photo 3

Once the kids had their snacks we went outside and dyed the eggs. I think our eggs came out super fantastic!

photo 5 copy

After the egg dying the kids ran around the back yard while the moms sat under the trees and sipped  lemonade and had a peep…or two.

It is really easy to get sucked up in the world of trying to out do one another. But just remember, entertaining is about providing hospitality.  It is not about coordinating linens or who made the best dessert.  It is not about showing off what you got. It’s about making people feel welcome and comfortable.

Happy Entertaining!

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