My niece is turning 6 this month, which makes her just a few months older than my daughter.  My daughter loves having her nails painted and she also loves Disney, so when I came across The Vintage Minnie Mouse nail polish collection at I   knew what I wanted to do.  The set of 4 mini polishes would be perfect for a little girl.  After searching high and low I finally found a set on ebay. Score!

For this gift you will need the following:

  • Nail polish
  • Large clear paint can
  • White, jumbo cotton balls
  • Red and black card stock
  • Mickey Mouse punch (optional)
  • Other items to add to gift (optional)

Next I went to Michaels and found a clear paint can to put all the goodies in.

To go along with the whole nail polish theme I filled the can with jumbo, white cotton balls.  I also found a black and white nail file and added that to the inside.











To decorate the handle of the paint cant I used various black, white and red ribbons and tied them into knots around the handle.








Next using the Disney font, which you can download HERE for free, I printed out a birthday message on red card stock . Then I cut out a circle that is 5.5 inches in diameter with my message in the middle.  I attached this to the top of the paint can.








For an extra touch I used black card stock and punched out a Mickey Mouse head and attached it to the birthday message.  I also punched out 6 more black Mickey heads and scattered them inside the paint can.








Inside this gift I just had the nail polish set, nail file and cotton balls.  Some other options you could add would be nail polish remover, toe separators and nail art stickers.








I am so happy with the way this came out. I asked my daughter if she would love to get this as a gift and she screamed “YES!” so I guess it’s a winner.  I already thought of an idea using this same concept for a mother’s day gift.  There will be more information on that in April.


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