Let’s face it.  In this economy you are lucky to even have a job and even luckier to find a new job. Here are some great gifts for that amazing lady in your life who landed themselves a brand new job. Just click on the picture and it will take you directly to their site.

1. Embroidered Paper Clip Box – $10.00 plus shipping

I just think this is too cute.  This is so much nicer than storing them in a drawer or one of those plastic/magnetic jars I have on my desk and I also just love the colored paper clips.

Picture from sensationary Shop on Etsy

2. Leather Business Card Holder – $12.00 plus shipping

These brightly colored card holders can carry 20-40 business cards and can easily fit into any purse. They pretty much have every color you could think of.

Picture from bambina Shop on Etsy

3. Personalized Flat Card Stationary – $18.00 plus shipping

These come in set of 12 with coordinating envelopes. On the front, you can have a name, monogram or anything of your choice. These would be awesome for thank you notes.

Picture from hedoepaper Shop on Etsy

4. Personalized Stapler – $20.00 plus shipping

No one will be able to swipe your stapler off your desk again if you had this one.  How adorable is this?  It comes in many colors and you also get a box of staples. Fabulous!

Picture from SheriLynDesigns Shop on Etsy

5. iPad Sleeve – $27.00 plus shipping

The elephant print on this lemon fabric is to die for. This will surely brighten anyways day at work.

Congratulations to whoever got the job.  That person deserves something nice for all their handwork. Don’t you think?

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