One of my many passions is reading.  There is nothing like having a long day and settling down in bed with a good book for the night.  One of the reasons I love reading so much is for me it’s a way to escape.  My life at times can be so over-whelming it’s nice to take a break from my life and live in someone else’s life for a bit. I have many friends and family members that also love to read and I am always on the hunt for great book-inspired gifts for them. Here are some idea any book lover would love to receive for a gift.

1. Pride & Prejudice Book Scarf – $42.00 + shipping

“Wrap up with a good Book Scarf! Let everyone know about your great taste in books by wrapping a page of one around your neck! This infinity scarf will keep you looking & feeling both warm & intelligent.”

Picture from Storiarts Shop on Etsy

2. Book Spine Bookmark – $5.00 plus shipping

If you love when items are up-cycled then this is the gift for you. Here the spine has been carefully removed from the book and then triple stitched onto faux leather.  The faux leather backing also used to be a pillow cover.

Picture From HiButterfly Shop on Etsy

3.Book Page Wreath – $20.00 + shipping

This wreath is made out of book pages made into roses and then attached to a wreath form.

Picture from kC2Designs Shop on Etsy

4. Hand Stamped Fabric Book End – $29.00 plus shipping

Here the word “read” is hand stamped on 100% heavy cotton fabric.

Picture from JoshuaByOak Shop on Etsy


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