Now that we have been in our house a few months I feel like I need to make progress in getting pictures up on the walls. We have a TON of framed pictures. Way too many if you ask me. So what do you do when you have too many pictures? Make a photo wall, of course. I have always been envious of all these perfect photo walls I see on Pinterest. It was time to see how hard (or easy) making a photo wall can be.

My first step was to gather everything I wanted in the photo wall. TIP: Not everything in a photo wall has to be a photo. It can be art or objects. It just has to be meaningful to you and the family.

Next I measured my wall where I was going to hang everything. Once I had my dimensions I laid everything out on my family room floor and made sure everything fit inside my dimensions. TIP: The frames in your photo wall do not have to match, they just need to go together. Mine just happen to be all black because that is the color my husband and I usually gravitate to.

photo 1 copy 30

The next step is to make templates of each photo/object. I usually have a roll of brown kraft paper on hand for when I make gift wrapping but you can use any type of paper that is big enough. I laid each picture on the paper, traced it and cut it out. I also made a mark on the paper where I wanted my nail to go.

Once I had everything cut out I used blue painters tape and put up the papers in the exact pattern as they where on the floor. It takes a little bit of extra time to do this instead of just eyeballing everything on the wall but it’s well worth it. Here is your chance to make any changes or adjustments before the nails go in.

photo 2 copy 27

Next I put in all my nails. TIP: Make sure you use the right hardware for what is on the back of your pictures. Now you know exactly where to put the nails and you don’t have lots of holes in your wall from any mistakes.

One by one I pulled away the paper and hung the pictures and objects.

Here is the finished product after I did some styling to the side table. I think the blue “R” is a nice touch and gives the wall the pop of color I always like. We also have other items in there as well…a picture where my husband proposed to me on the UCF campus, a picture of downtown Chicago and also a newspaper article about his grandfather. Everything on this wall relates to our family in some way. I think it turned out fabulous and from start to finish took about 2 hours. Not bad and now our wall is complete.

photo copy 7

Happy Hanging!

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