One of many goals during my daughter’s spring break was to plant a garden with her. When we bought our house in December we had to replace pretty much everything in the backyard. We had this nice plant bed with nothing in it so we decided to turn it into ‘Emily’s Garden.”

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Our first stop was The Home Depot.  Emily wanted a mix of flowers, seeds and already growing plants in her garden. We bought two kinds of flowers, seed packets (radish, kale, spinach, chive, green onion) and 3 potted plants (tomato, parsley, red bell pepper)

Before I planted anything I added a bag of garden soil to the plant bed. I had no idea what kind of condition our soil was in but since the rest of the backyard was pretty much a disaster it probably needed some nutrients.

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After planting the flowers and plants we did the seeds. We started off with radishes and kale. We don’t have a ton of room so I know I couldn’t grow all the seed packets at once.

I also needed a sign for our garden. We had a bunch of left over concrete wall blocks sitting around so I put one to good use.

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My daughter painted it lavender and then while she was sleeping I added “Emily’s Garden” and flowers using paint markers.  After the paint dried I put a coat of Polyurethane on it as a protective coating.

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By the way, the concrete blocks are heavy so watch where you put it down.  Here is a picture of a nice, big scratch in my table. The things that happen in the name of crafting!

photo 1 copy 25

So far everything is growing great. We have radishes and the kale is starting to sprout.

photo 2 copy 25

We have a pepper growing.

photo 1 copy 29

And a couple of tomatoes are on their way.

photo 2 copy 26

I am really excited when we can use some of this food in our cooking. It is going to be so delicious!

photo 3 copy 16

In the future I would like to add a bird bath.  We have lots of birds in this neighborhood so I know it will get put to good use.

Happy Planting!

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